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  4. Screenshot(s) of the issue: What is the problem, briefly explained: Every name is in capitals. Any necessary steps for reproduction: Read our names
  5. Screenshot(s) of the issue: What is the problem, briefly explained: Polls blend in with the background, it doesn't look normal. Any necessary steps for reproduction: Participate in a poll.
  6. Screenshot(s) of the issue: What is the problem, briefly explained: in the Club members everything is just white so can't see names of the members. Any necessary steps for reproduction: go to Clubs | Press one | Members, then all should be white.
  7. Screenshot(s) of the issue: What is the problem, briefly explained: A link at the bottom of the page has no redirect, this is for "Report Someone" and "Suggest Something". Any necessary steps for reproduction: Simply use the links at the bottom under "Helpful Stuff". I believe Suggest Somethings URL was changed from https://visca.gg/forums/forum/5-suggestions/ to https://visca.gg/forums/forum/12-suggestions/ and Report Someone URL was changed from https://visca.gg/application/form/4-report/ to https://visca.gg/application/form/15-report/
  8. Following our new fancy site that we had made for us, there's now also a matching forum theme which I'm sure you're all aware of. Please report any little issues with it (colouring, poor positioning and general little details) that don't look right. Please also keep to the following template when posting below: Please keep discussion in this thread limited. Thanks.
  9. i love u


  10. Lars

    22/05/19 - Downtown

    It is great to see an owner, that is so dedicated, that even if he has exams due he'll make sure the server stays lit 🔥❤️.
  11. owner of this business is banned
  12. *Steam profile link: STEAM_0:0:170920137 *Discord name & tag: Bamby#5244 *RP Name: RF Lil Yeetus The Feetus *Which package would you like? (Custom/Preset): Custom What would you like in your custom package? (only for custom bases): Bombproofing, pole fading and Single Door with Garage Door (using Single Door to enter) *The color of the package (Use RGB, if you don't I'll leave it as the normal color that the prop would be in when you spawn it): Main color 72, 72, 72, Secondary color R. 255 G.191 B. 0 *Do you understand the TOS (y/n): y *Do you understand that you can NOT resell ANY bases that you buy from me (y/n): y What is your preferred time of me delivering this package to you (amount of days): 1-3 days
  13. Huib

    22/05/19 - Downtown

    This weed stuff is cool.
  14. this is EPIC thanks lew!!1111
  15. Escelator

    22/05/19 - Downtown

  16. Even with all the stress going into exams, you still manage to get fire updates like these out! Great job!
  17. lew

    22/05/19 - Downtown

    Added new weed growing system Buffed profits by another 50% Upped job slots to 4 Added new permanent super pickaxe to the store Lowered custom job price on the store Also lowered and added more stuff to the CJ thread Fixed meth selling point by the mine entrance
  18. I want people to share what they find on reddit. And also, some normies here don't go to reddit often, so we can share the stuff we find.
  19. Cool idea? But can't we just go to reddit itself? idk seems a bit useless lol
  20. Reply with your posts (Links Please)
  21. Just post the name of the subreddit r/(name)
  22. Lars

    17/04/19 - Downtown

    Bitminers actually do something now? Keep up the good work! 😊❤️
  23. Why u changing ur profile pic all the time jeez xD

    1. NT Co-Founder Vision

      NT Co-Founder Vision

      trying to find a good fucking picture xd

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