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  1. Following our new fancy site that we had made for us, there's now also a matching forum theme which I'm sure you're all aware of. Please report any little issues with it (colouring, poor positioning and general little details) that don't look right. Please also keep to the following template when posting below: Please keep discussion in this thread limited. Thanks.
  2. lew

    22/05/19 - Downtown

    Added new weed growing system Buffed profits by another 50% Upped job slots to 4 Added new permanent super pickaxe to the store Lowered custom job price on the store Also lowered and added more stuff to the CJ thread Fixed meth selling point by the mine entrance
  3. lew

    17/04/19 - Downtown

    Fixed Jewellery robbery and added cellphone to be purchased Fixed not being able to use the context menu remover property This fixes not being able to remove your cameras/scanners etc... Fixed TV's & Radio's not playing media (removed automatic stop sounds) Suits now can only be dropped once per life (again) Fixed hella bugs with the fruit slicer job Buffed bitcoin miners
  4. lew

    07/04/19 - Downtown

    Added more jobs to the jewellery robbery Changed money packs to boosters which now include suits Fixed flame thrower being an error for people Fixed tip jar being able to be destroyed Fixed camo still being active when in in prison Fixed mustang and sally ammo (changed it to pistol ammo)
  5. lew

    05/04/19 - Downtown

    Added back !warn(ing) system after fixing some stuff Fixed forum task not detecting sign ups Replaced prop protection Please make sure to report any prop/tool bugs promptly Added back old meth system Added jewellery robbery system Added new non-VIP diamond printer Added Mustand and Sally to crafting Fixed most (if not all) Advanced Duplicator bugs
  6. lew

    30/03/19 - Downtown

    Added drug pots to Bloods & Crips Added permanent law boards around the map Added !jackpot The job that you're currently playing doesn't get removed from the F4 menu anymore
  7. lew

    27/03/19 - Downtown

    Arrest time has been lowered to 120 seconds Given Spiderman government weapons Added crossbow ammo Removed annoying maximum mineral limit notification
  8. lew

    21/04/19 - Downtown

    Added new craftable weapons to the mining NPC Gluon gun Flame thrower Ray gun Added safe zones back
  9. lew

    07/03/19 - Downtown

    Changed how /dropsuit works You can now drop your suit unlimited times per life, but you must not input any movement keys within 5 seconds of entering the command. I feel like this alone will relieve a lot of people, the old solution was just temporary until I could think of something better. Due to the previous change, the kill/suicide command has now been re-enabled. Increased maximum buttons from 6 -> 10 Added a purchasable yacht at the river area
  10. lew

    15/02/19 - Downtown

    Fixed perks and titles not saving Fixed detector not detecting meth entities Fixed some jobs not getting the weapon checker Fixed any job being able to commence terror Gave Plague a printer bag Added !store command Changed task rewards to payout in credits instead of cash Updated store NPC to open the actual store Added free credit event (it'll be activated during this half term) You simply get 2 free credits every 30 minutes 😊
  11. lew

    12/02/19 - Downtown

    Reset shop data (titles, perks etc...) This was necessary to accommodate some internal upgrades with how data is saved, and some new additions as mentioned later on. Added a variety of new perks including permanent ammo (thanks @Zanzibar Bungalow) Fixed /terror Fixed /dropsuit Added SHIFT power jump to K9 Fixed meth entity limit Added daily credit reward to !tasks Updated !workshop to point to a freshly maintained workshop collection Removed Hoverboards Allowed certain meth entities to be physgunned Fixed new printers not showing up on the entity detector
  12. lew

    05/02/19 - Downtown

    Fixed forum !sync command Moved F2 mining button to !mining Added new printers Added new meth system (an OG one for any of you that remember it)
  13. lew

    An update

    Just the web-shop. They're still purchasable with in-game cash.
  14. What's up Hope everyone is doing okay... I'm sorry that big announcements don't get posted much anymore, just been very busy. I've got some quite significant changes to bring to the table today however, so read on if you're interested in that ? Credits I really didn't like the store we had. It offered little to no way for me to offer real-money products to the in-game users. For those older players, you may remember our credit system, it has made a return. Originally, we had moved away from the system due to unforeseen circumstances at the time, but now it's back in use and better than ever. The reason this is such a big step in the right direction for Visca, is due to the fact we can offer little sums of credits frequently to any Steam ID, making it a viable option to host free credit weekends etc... Q) I'm angry that I spent money on the old store and now it's gone... A) Don't worry. Everything has already been automatically transferred to the new system. If you purchased any CS:GO items through the web-store, then you'll of got an automatic credit refund. They were pretty shit. Forum theme The white kills me eyes too. I don't get rid of things for a little joke, the forum software we use - updated and broke the previous theme. I'm just waiting on the theme developer to update their theme and then I'll be sure to get it back. Or I may make one if I get bored and some free time (unlikely) Recent instabilities The crashes, data loss and lag have all been related to roughly the same problem, the problem being: the way we save data had outgrown its environment and therefor had to be upgraded. This was done at the earliest convenience (a week or so ago) but then this opened a new can of worms which required me to make a lot of adjustment to some in-game systems. This is now solved from what I can see. I can only apologise, but shit always seemed to fuck up the most when I'm not at a computer. Got an opinion? I ain't expecting the greatest feedback due to recent up-and-down stability, but hey, may as well put it out there: https://goo.gl/forms/h6OQjou28L7mcJIE3 - it's a completely anonymous feedback form that I'd like everyone who reads and has time to fill out, cheers. Thanks for reading ??

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