Downtown Rules

You are expected to follow all of these rules when playing on our Downtown server.

  1. Complaints - Complaining about an in-game, staff or server event publicly is prohibited. Make your opinion heard properly, through the appropriate forum category -
  2. Threats - Threatening the community, players or any staff to a uncomfortable degree (attacks, personal/damaging information etc) won't be accepted in any form.
  3. Respect - Disrespecting anyone for any personal reason out of roleplay isn't allowed. We know the difference between a joke & malicious intent; make sure you do.
  4. RDM - You may only kill someone when there's a valid RP reason such as them harming you or your property.
  5. NLR - You're not allowed to interfere with your previous life if you've been killed until that RP event has passed over.
  6. FailRP - You should keep in-line with character at all times to the best of your ability in non-OOC situations.
  7. Meta - Keep RP chat in /rpchat (locations/adverts) and keep out-of-character chat in /ooc. Don't cross over information.
  8. Building - you're allowed a text screen which clearly states "building" which disallows raids against you.
  1. Bases
    • The entrance to your base must be within your property and not on the street/pavement.
    • You're only allowed one base at any one time.
    • Fading door bridges/mazes/puzzles are not allowed in bases - all bases must be easily navigated without having to jump or crouch.
    • Sky bases are allowed as long as they're supported & connected by a world structure.
    • Bases are only allowed 3 fading doors. Each door needs to have 1 keypad clearly visible on each side set at 4 seconds.
      • Printer cabinets aren't allowed a keypad but are allowed behind a fading door only with a button.
    • Whatever you shoot or launch explosives out of, the raider must & clearly be able to see and shoot back at you without jumping or crouching.
    • Do not apply solid/distorted materials to props that you can shoot through.
    • Your bases world-own-able door must be able to open & close fully.
    • Invisible walls are not allowed.
  2. Props - spawning props anywhere other than your base isn't allowed and is considered prop abuse.
  3. Defense - you're only allowed to defend a base if you share the same gang clan tag as the base owner.
    • You're not allowed to peak through a no-collided props constantly to kill the raider.
  4. Building - you're allowed a text screen which clearly states "building" which disallows raids against you.
    • You're not allowed to spawn entities when you've got this sign up.
    • You need to be fast if you're building in the bank.
    • You're not allowed to build if there's a raid taking place - this applies to raider and defender.
    • You're not allowed to have a "K.O.S if loitering" or similar text screen.
  1. Time Constraints - you're only allowed to raid the same property every 30 minutes.
    • You're only allowed to stay on that property for 10 minutes when raiding.
  2. Minge Raiding - you're not allowed to raid bases which clearly and visibly don't have anything to steal.
  3. Counter Raiding - counter raiding always causes issues, for this reason it's simply not allowed.
  4. PD Raiding - only Bloods & Crips OR a criminal job with an unarrest stick may raid the PD.
    • PD raids are limited to every 30 minutes
  5. Mugging - mugs can only be a maximum of 10k per person.
  1. Government Job Rules
    • Corruption is not allowed in anyway - this includes bribing.
    • You must destroy all illegal entities (printers, drugs etc...) and not profit of them.
    • Unarresting your friends or letting people off without permission from the arresting officer or Mayor is not allowed.
    • You must only warrant properties on proof such as hearing or seeing illegal activity.
    • Checkpoints are allowed, however, they must not cause unnecessary congestion and always be manned.
    • Mayor: You must investigate each warrant before accepting them to see if they're legit.
    • Mayor: Lock-downs can only last for 15 minutes.
    • Mayor: Lock-downs can only be started if you are under threat.
  2. Criminal Job Rules
    • Bloods & Crips must only raid each other with their other members.
    • Bloods & Crips can only mug people when the person is outnumbered in a quiet area.
    • Bloods & Crips mugs can only be a maximum of 10k per person.
    • Bloods & Crips & Amphetamine Cooks is the only combination of that class which can base together.
    • Robbers can only base with other robbers - please consider going as a Bloods or Crips if there's going to be a lot of you basing together.
    • Contract Killer cannot accept hits on the same person consistently.
    • Contract Killer cannot accept hits on the same person consistently.
    • ISIS Commando You can only perform terror every 20 minutes.
    • ISIS Commando You must declare you're going to peform terror 2 minutes in-advance. Terror may only consist of:
      • Killing members of the public for a MAXIMUM of 20 seconds
    • ISIS Jihad You can only perform terror with the ISIS Commando.
  3. Working Class Job Rules
    • You can all base with each other.
    • Guard: You cannot protect the Government.
    • Weapons Dealers: You must provide the weapons you're paid for - scamming is forbidden
    • (Pro)Hitman: You're ONLY allowed to raid bases to kill your targets. Nothing else, including taking money from printers.