Our Staff Team

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These staff members govern all servers

Name Rank Playtime Last in-game
lew (STEAM_0:0:82460189) root 47w 19d 22h Active Now
Wanker.mp4 (STEAM_0:1:92759292) Community Manager 8w 20d 40h 5 hours(s) ago


These staff members govern our downtown server

Name Rank Claims Playtime Last in-game
Anonoymous_Larry - visca.gg (STEAM_0:0:57948244) Manager 1144 11w 8d 29h Active Now
Mister Rob Bob - visca.gg (STEAM_0:1:62873609) Mentor 2371 5w 9d 38h 2 hours(s) ago
alienpain123 (STEAM_0:0:79605043) SR.Administrator 1216 5w 7d 45h 4 hours(s) ago
Paul - Visca.gg (STEAM_0:1:79360252) Administrator 944 6w 17d 16h 2 days(s) ago
Lars (STEAM_0:0:72488142) Administrator 379 3w 12h Active Now
Escelator visca.gg (STEAM_0:1:124419373) Administrator 1313 5w 7d 40h Active Now
|ZK| NoZ.ee (STEAM_0:1:91219916) Administrator 277 2w 19d 33h Active Now
AidenT101 Visca.gg (STEAM_0:0:107699965) Administrator 887 4w 9d 27h 4 hours(s) ago
Killa Of Skrubz (STEAM_0:1:175761493) Moderator 195 5w 2d 42h Active Now
uwu.Senpai (STEAM_0:0:170920137) Moderator 18 2w 4d 33h Less than an hour ago
Ruskipower (STEAM_0:1:82478479) Moderator 92 16w 10d 52h Less than an hour ago
Jordan Phillipz (STEAM_0:0:88433765) Moderator 390 8w 21d 34h Less than an hour ago
ImortalZ (STEAM_0:1:126808614) Moderator 122 2w 13d 8h 5 days(s) ago
Ranjeet (STEAM_0:0:442374750) Moderator 25 2w 8d 23h Active Now
Skully (STEAM_0:0:67861144) Moderator 19 1w 19d 30h Active Now

There is a total of 17 staff members